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Will Russia Have a Tough Time at the 2010 Olympic Games?

13. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Despite impressive showings in past Winter Olympics, Russia may have a tough time at the 2010 Olympics Games in Vancouver. This is the belief of Vladimir Vasin, Vice President of the Russian Olympic Committee.

Although athletes from Russia and the USSR have won more Winter Olympics medals than any other nation (260 total, 111 gold), the area has seen little development in recent generations and this lack of growth has hurt Russia and its athletes. Some Russian citizens, such as Tatiana Borodulina, have even emmigrated to other nations to better perfect their performance.  

Nevertheless, Vasin is still hopeful about Russia’s chances.

“We have the grounds to hope that our skiers can compete – they show it today and it’s their duty to do so. Our biathletes also do well. Just take the recent women’s races. The women’s speed skating team won a World Cup leg in Canada and the figure skaters are not to be forgotten. We also have World Cup winners and podium finishers in bobsledding. So if you take this wide range of disciplines there’s quite a lot to look for.”

The 2010 Olympic Games are set to begin on February 12th. Click link for more news about Russian athletes in the Olympics.


Source: Rt.com