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I Have Children from a Previous Relationship. Will Russian Women Date Me?

9. July 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many men on Hot Russian Brides have children from a previous relationship and worry that the women aren’t interested in dating men with kids. However, they needn’t fret. While there are certainly women who prefer child-free partners, plenty of other women have no qualms about dating men with children. 


Over 17,000 women are currently looking for love on Hot Russian Brides. Though we can’t speak for all the women, we do know that many ladies are unfazed by men with children. In fact, several women in our Featured Couples section settled down with men who were fathers and some even brought over children of their own. Blended families are common in international dating, and children don't have to be a hindrance. 


It’s also worth noting that many kid-wary singles fall for a person with children and go on to have successful relationships. If you and a woman are truly a match, it’s unlikely she’ll let you go simply because you’re a dad. If a woman is vehemently opposed to dating men with children, she'll likely limit her communication to men without kids or seek out childless men only.


The key to finding a woman who is comfortable with your status as a father is to be open and honest about your life as a father. You can ask a woman how she feels about dating men with children, but know that for many women it's a non-issue. Good luck!


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