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With Age Comes Wisdom – and Beauty: Our Gallery of Hot Mature Brides

21. October 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Hot older women are big news right now – think Madonna, Demi Moore, Mariska Hartigay and Courtney Cox. And why shouldn’t they be? Forty is the new 30; 50 is the new 40, and a woman’s sexuality rises with age. Russian and Ukrainian women take pride in their appearance. And HotRussianBrides take prides in our gallery of beautiful mature women, whom we refer to as Queens (Not Princesses).


While taste in partners is a highly personal matter, many men gravitate toward mature women for the following reasons:


Beauty is ageless

Women in North America are learning to take better care of their looks and health. But Russian and Ukrainian women have put a premium on looking gorgeous for generations. Looking their best is a priority for women in this region; it doesn’t stop at 25.


Clear expectations

The older we get, the more clearly we see what we want out of life. Our expectations about our partners are rooted in experience. A mature woman knows that the prince on a white horse is just a man with a fancy title atop a large hoofed animal – but she loves him for who he is anyway!



Russian and Ukrainian women place a great premium on art and culture. After all, their nations have a rich history and it’s all around them. Many speak English well. In general, they are accomplished and are fascinating conversationalists.



Older women in general are more secure in their jobs and stations in life, and many can take the time to pursue passions for travel, art exhibits and concerts. They feel more secure about who they are. They are no longer finding themselves; they want to explore what they found long ago!



Some of our sexy Russian women have children, as do mature women all over the globe. A family-oriented man will be delighted to find that mature Russian women are extremely devoted to home life. Their kids will melt your heart as much as she does. Of course, some ladies don’t choose to have children and won’t change their mind – a perfect match for a man of like mind.


Is there a downside?

Through experience, we have learned that many mature women lead busy lives, with jobs kids and family obligations. In general, you may not see them chatting or emailing as often as a typical younger woman. But be persistent – our Queens are in very much in demand!


At HotRussianBrides, many of our most successful pairings have occurred between more mature couples. We urge you to give our gallery of beautiful, elegant and definitely sexy Queens a look!