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Worried Russian Women Only Care About Money?

22. July 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Critics often deride Hot Russian Brides by claiming the women on our site are gold diggers who are more interested in money and gifts then finding a match. Here’s why the critics are wrong. 


Women who are preoccupied with money and gifts will have a tough time on HRB. Before becoming a member of Hot Russian Brides, each woman must record a validation video stating she will not ask members for cash or presents. She must also sign a written agreement stating the same. Women who violate this policy risk having their profile deleted and losing contact with the men on our site. Therefore, most gold diggers don't bother with HRB and instead spend their time on more lenient Russian dating sites.


While the vast majority of women aren’t concerned with money or gifts, it would be disingenuous to say they never think about money. After all, if a woman considers marrying a foreign man and moving halfway around the world she’ll want to know he’s financially secure. Being financially secure can mean different things to different women, but to most it means being able to provide for a family’s basic needs with some money left over for emergencies and the occasional luxury. This natural interest in financial security isn't gold digging, it's self-preservation. 


The vast majority of women on HRB are searching for a loving partner, not a human ATM. While money isn't a complete non-issue for Russian women, it's hardly all they think about. 


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