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Write to Russian Women the Right Way

19. July 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Russian women are looking for mature and intelligent gentlemen. While you may be the perfect guy for one of these ladies, your spelling, punctuation, and grammar may never show it. How you type the information in your profile, your introduction letters, and other emails really makes an impression on these hot Russian brides.


You may be thinking: Most of the ladies I correspond with don’t even speak my language so why does it matter if I leave out periods and commas or use excessive abbreviations and exclamation marks?


One reason is because many of these Russian girls are learning new languages. Reading and translating profiles and emails is great practice for them. All of the extra punctuation (or none at all) can be very confusing. Misspelling words or using abbreviations which may be common to you, may just make her frustrated.


When you don’t take the time to spell check and proofread, you are just prolonging the time it will take for the ladies to respond. While the translators are highly trained in a multitude of languages, trying to interpret communication that is wrought with errors is quite challenging and time consuming. The more clear and correct your correspondence is, the faster and easier the translators can work, allowing the ladies to reply back sooner.


The last reason you should spell and punctuate properly is because it makes you look smart and professional. Even if you’re not a natural at this stuff, utilize tools that will help you appear to be! Before you begin entering information directly into your profile, type it up in a Word document or some sort of program that offers spell check. This way you can make sure it’s perfect, then just copy and paste into your profile. Use the same technique for emails.


Even when you do demonstrate exceptional spelling, punctuation, and grammar in your messages to beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women, misunderstandings may still occur. Lessen the chances of this by typing complete sentences, using periods, apostrophes, and capitalization properly, and spelling words completely and correctly. You’ll enjoy faster and more effective communication.