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You Can't Have a Relationship with a Photo

22. March 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

We can all agree on one thing off the bat: most of the Russian and Ukrainian ladies on our dating Website are physically stunning. From sleek and toned bodies to entrancing eyes and smiles, we can honestly say we have the visual aspect of the dating process covered on that end.

However, while pictures are great to look at and admire, one can’t have a relationship with a photo.

Approaching a Russian woman the same way you approach, say, American women can be challenging. Russian society has a different pulse and priority ladder, so trying to make them fit to the way you think may prove frustrating and fruitless. Miscommunication is the leading cause of “issues” on HotRussianBrides.com. To alleviate this we constantly try to educate our members to better understand the Russian and Ukrainian mindset to have better results during the online courtship process.

We know that many members want to sign up, chat with the first sexy woman they see, get her contact information and marry her all in a week. This rarely, if ever, works. This is the behavior of scammers and mail order bride agencies. We, as a dating Website, encourage communication, patience and openness.

It takes time to get to know someone to the point that you want to build a life with them. Communication is the only way to get there in an inter-cultural courtship. Otherwise, you’ll be relying on looks and gut-feelings and will quickly realize that no matter how keen you are, you will be more wrong than right. This is why we impose qualification restrictions for our members: to push communication and personal exploration so that you can truly find your soul mate.