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Ded Moroz’s Birthday

17. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

November 18th is the birthday of Ded Moroz, a traditional Slavic character similar to Santa Claus. On this special day, Russian children send congratulations to a special post office built for the occasion or travel to Veliky Ustyug to attend celebrations thrown in Ded Moroz’s honor.

The beloved Ded Moroz, known in English as Grandfather Frost or Father Frost, traditionally celebrates his birthday in Veliky Ustyug. The town in northern Russia has been Ded Moroz’s home since 1998 and numerous relatives come to congratulate the beloved man on his special day. Santa Claus from Finland, Chiskhan from Yakutia, Pakkayne from Karelia, and Snegurochka from Kostroma all pay a visit on November 18th.

Though he may look like Santa Claus, Ded Moroz operates a bit differently. Rather than secretly leaving gifts under a tree once a year, Ded Moroz delivers presents in person and children may visit him all year long. He also goes on tour. After his birthday celebrations this year, Father Frost will embark on a tour of Russia to offer New Year’s congratulations and distribute gifts. Omsk, Samara, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kirov are all on the schedule this year and Ded Moroz will also visit Germany, France, and several countries in the Former Soviet Union.

Happy birthday Ded Moroz!